Gypsy Costume renaissance costume

Gypsy Charm

Regular price $163.00

Fun and comfy gypsy outfit with dazzling mix and match colors.   Buy the set as pictured or click the links below to select the color and size you like individually.

Top:  Fiesta Top, Teal $25

Bottom Layer Skirt:  Catalan Skirt, Green $45

Top Layer Skirts:  Gypsy Wave Skirt, Lime and Purple, $39 each

Tinsel Scarf, Coordinating colors -Variable

Coin Scarves:  Dance Coin Belts, Lime and Purple $25 each

Total Price for the outfit as Pictured:   $213

If you select Buy Now to purchase the outfit as it appears in the photo, choose either S/M or LXL and we will contact you to clarify size and color available.  Otherwise, click on the links to build your outfit piece by piece.  

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