Gypsy Costume renaissance costume

Sutlry Traveller

Regular price $292.00

Nomadic Dream is free flowing outfit with a touch of jingle. Layered for maximum comfort and style.  Use the links and choose your own colors to mix and match. 

3 layered Tops:  Carmen Top, Burgundy, Saffron and Brown $37 each

3 Layered Skirts:  Vixen Skirts, Green, Saffron and Brown $47 each

Tinsel Scarf, Complementary colors available, $15

Dance Coin, Saffron $25

Price for Full outfit:  $292

If you want to buy the full outfit as pictured, specify general size, for example S/M or LXL. We will contact you by email after your order to clarify size and color options.  Otherwise, choose your own color scheme and order pieces individually using the links above. Outfits are non-refundable. Exchange only. 

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